Monday, November 30, 2009

Home remodeling estimates first

Doing home remodeling yourself can save some dollars. But making mistakes during your remodel can be costly and dangerous. The key is to make home remodeling estimates ahead, making sure which plan is better, by remodeling professionals or by yourself.

Well, if your choice is the latter, here are a few common mistakes shall be avoided.

Failing to locate water cutoffs

Before you start any work, especially in wet areas like bathrooms and kitchens, you need to locate the water cutoff in the house and at the street. This way, if a disaster occurs, you know where to head to cut off the flood.

Not preparing to localize and minimize dust and debris

Demolition is messy. Minimize the impact on your house by containing the mess. Create a work zone and keep tools and
supplies inside it. Buy large sheet plastic and heavy duty masking tape to completely screen off doorways and openings. At the end of every work session, use a shop vac to get rid of dust and debris. Then take 15 minutes to organize your tools and supplies. It’ll make it quicker to get started next time.

Getting in a hurry

Sure it’s appealing to rip that wall separating the kitchen and the family room right out, but safe demolition demands planning and forethought. First, turn off all the electricity and water to the demo area. Use a stud finder that is equipped to locate metal to determine where wire and pipes are running through the wall. Then, using a small dry wall saw, cut some investigative holes to see exactly what’s behind the wall. This way, you avoid ripping out most of a wall only to discover it contains a vent or pipe that will be costly to move.

Not protecting surfaces

Mask every finished surface and keep it masked as you work. This means cabinets, walls, baseboards, flooring, and moulding. Cover countertops with interlocking foam tiles to deflect the impact of dropped tools. There’s nothing more discouraging than having to replace, repaint or refinish because of damage, spills or splatters.

Not having a Plan B for plumbing

You may think you’ll get your plumbing done in a day, but jobs have a way of expanding. Supply yourself with end stop fittings to cap off open pipes so you can turn the water back on in mid-job. Home Depot’s end stops are called Sharks; Lowe’s offers a line named Gators. They come in ½”, ¾” and 1-inch sizes and it’s smart to have an assortment on hand. Follow the directions for use.

Not protecting floors when you move appliances

Even builders make this mistake. Put down carpet or masonite (sweep or vacuum thoroughly first to remove anything that could scratch the floor) to roll the appliances over as you are installing them. This will protect new tile or wood flooring from damage.

However, even if you have successfully escaped from all these mistakes above, chances of failure are still existing during some projects, say custom replacement windows, roof repair service, which require more professional skill or are somewhat dangerous. At these moment, going for a professional is my choice.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Baroque or Simplicity?

Is this not one of the coolest bookcases you’ve ever seen? Designed by Jaren Goh, it’s designed to blend the “flamboyance of the baroque style with the simplicity of the contemporary approach”. Well said and beautifully illustrated. I love blending two very different styles together, and often do this in my home, like my modern black leather sofa paired with two antique chairs. Seeing this in one product is even cooler I think and Goh definitely does a good job of it here.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Stylish entrance - choose your affordable iron doors

Wrought iron is a type of iron that is different from cast iron in that it is molten iron poured into a mold and allowed to cool. In this case, the wrought iron is very strong, which is why it is used in different types of applications throughout the world. Some of the common ways wrought iron is used for in home decorations are wrought iron railings, doors, furniture frames, railings, and wall decor.

Wrought iron has been used for home decoration for many centuries and is one of the favorite metals used in present day. It is used for doors, bed frames, benches, chairs, and many other forms of furniture and accessories. Any item made of wrought
iron provides strength while at the same time adds beauty because of its ageless relevance. You can buy a stock product or design a unique creation.

Because it lends beauty and strength to the entrance of your home wrought iron entry doors are people's favorable type . It can be fashioned into various shapes, sizes, and designs with full functionality. Among these functions are automated wrought iron doors, driveway
doors, and garden gates. They can also be obtained through physical businesses or online.

Wrought iron doors come with a large inventory of designs readily available for purchase, but some companies will also create a unique design just for you. Find one or create one that matches your home's architecture and then accessorize it with gates, railings, and fences.

If you want to install wrought iron doors to your home know that they are available in different designs and manufacturing processes. Be sure to find a company that makes their products to pass weather and energy efficiency tests. Your family and
friends should be the only things passing through your doors. Exterior weather and interior controlled climate should stay where they are. A quality door provides this service.

Another employment wrought iron doors endow with is security. Because of the integrity of its strength, wrought iron will stand as a formidable deterrent to any who consider entering without invitation. Only at your behest will invited guests be
allowed entry while unwelcome trespassers will be denied entrance.

Thanks to competition present in the industry the price of wrought iron doors will be closer to production costs, almost everybody can find his/her affordable iron doors. Hence, with the type of functionality and durability that wrought iron doors provide to your home and with the number of designs they come in, create a stylish look for your home, that's worth the investment and will last for many years to come.