Saturday, February 26, 2011

These "double up" furniture are made from polyurethane, so they are cold and not very comfy. But the way they are opened and closed is the most unusual I have ever seen.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Furniture In LED Age

unique-furniture-items-with-colour-changing-led-lights-3How would you like to sit on one of these cool looking chairs sporting a retro design, but using one of the most power-efficient modern technologies, the Light Emitting Diodes.
It doesn’t matter which model you choose because all feature colour-changing LED lights.

The Illuminated Armchairs LOUIS DIXMIL were designed by Philippe Boulet. The Max armchair changes colours continuously as long as it is powered by battery and allows you to stop the light show when you choose your favorite color. It measures 70 x 55 x 100 cm,
The Leon armchair measures 97 x 57 x 50 cm and is powered by battery. You can control it wirelessly.