Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Sexiest Washing Machine

Everyone does use washing machine, as it helps us lighten our cores a bit particularly in doing the laundry. Washing machines are traditionally bulky. However, with the space problem that is starting to occur in many major cities worldwide, minimalistic designs have come out and the Almighty Laundry would probably be hailed as the sexiest washing machine of all time. However, the sad thing is that, the Almighty Laundry is design for busy bachelors. Sorry girls, but this sexy washing machine comes only with a rack for shirts and a separate rack for boxer shorts and socks.

The washing machine’s slim design made it a perfect appliance for bachelors living in homes with very limited space. What made this washing machine almighty awesome is the men’s ability to do their laundry with ease. All they have to do is to hang in their dirty shirts and other stuffs on the hanging frame and underwear rack, and push the start button to start the machine working. When the machine is done, men’s only have to pull the hanging frame out and spread to dry. Wish there is a design for dresses too. I definitely would love to get one. The almighty laundry is designed by Won Suk Lee and is an entry for the 2011 Spark Awards.

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Stylish Bathboard

Saving some space in your small bathroom can be easy breezy if you have the stylish bathboard. If this will be your first time to hear about the bathboard, then let us all together know what it is.

This stylish and modern bathtub is made from a treated foam rubber. The treatment made the rubber extremely elastic and spongy. The reason why the stylish bathboard is ideal for bathrooms will limited space is because, it can easily fold up occupying only 12 cm of your bathroom walls. When unfold, the bathboard is large enough for one to have a relaxing and rejuvenating bathing experience.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Multi-function Mirro

Great design to save space