Sunday, October 24, 2010

Boxing Glove Chair

The Boxing Glove Chairis a comfortable piece of furniture shaped as you can see as a boxing glove. I’m sure that boxing or kick boxing fans would like to have a chair like this while they are watching a boxing match. It looks good, is comfortable, and if you favourite fighter is not doing good you can throw a few punches to this glove. The Boxer’s Chair comes in a cream and red “boxer feel” faux leather upholstery.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Scaffold Bookcase

These modular scaffold bookcases by Maria Yasko can be used to store much more than books. Made from Corian, a tough but light synthetic material often used to make countertops, Yasko’s pieces come in a variety of appealing colors. How they’re connected depends on the mood of the owner with the only rule being “the more, the merrier”.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Illumi-Knob Lights Your Way

Think doorknobs are the epitome of low-tech? Think again: the Illumi-Knob may even be smarter than you! Well, at least in the middle of the night when you’re stumbling around the bedroom searching for the knob of the bedroom door. You can’t see the knob but the knob senses you, thanks to a futuristic passive infra-red sensor that can detect movement within 10 feet. Once the knob knows you’re coming (how’s that for scary?), a pair of LED rings softly light up, guiding you to the exit. Each Illumi-Knob holds 3 AAA batteries to power the sensor and its modernistic design acts to turn any standard doorknob into an easy to grasp lever.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Green Sink Above the Stink

The “Profile™ 5 with Integrated Hand Basin by Caroma looks like a weird Japanese toilet, acts like a weird Japanese toilet, yet it hails from (of all places) Australia. The Profile is a green toilet… well, it’s white, but it’s green. After one flushes, the tank is filled from the faucet mounted atop the tank. Scrub up while you can – it’s not a huge tank and you don’t want to be caught short. Would a tolet like the Profile work in the USA? Perhaps… but before worrying about hand-washing how about remembering to flush?

Friday, October 15, 2010

A Twist on the Boring Bare Bulb

Bare bulbs are not exactly the height of lighting design, but this clever twist turns that idea on its head. A second working socket allows the bulb to be inserted in various ways to a variety of fixtures. It’s minimalist, but fun – the kind of fixture that makes you look twice.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Table Transformed From A Picture Frame

Verena Lang the designer of this smart picture framehad an original idea when she made this product. Hanging on the wall, it looks as if you are displaying a beautiful photograph in a unique picture frame. As the diagonal bar is opened up, we instantly are provided with a nice and sturdy table. Because the picture is showed underneath while in a table manner, your picture won̢۪t be hurt when the foldable table will be unfolded. So if you have little space in your home, you can have a pice of art on the wall to impress your visitors, and also a table when you are just by yourself.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Real 3D Table

Wait a second… isn’t that already 3D? Behold the devastating addition of 4 legs to an already-4-legged-table. Brutality! Redundancy! So many extra legs! And what’s the deal with this red and blue here? It’s a “Stereovision Table,” and it’s made for those with a sense of irony in technology. But is it the same sort of deal as using a rotary phone? Or is it just silly?

My mother and father had a rotary phone my whole life. My mother got it for cheap through a deal with a person at her workplace (she worked at the telephone company, imagine that.) It was always a little bit of extra work waiting for the wheel to turn for each number, but there it was, an enjoyable trip back to a more vintage time.

Here we have some wild optics tricks that span back centuries. The red and blue is a reference to the 3D glasses technology that’s lasted for years and years. Now it’s done! (Did you go see the movie BOLT in 3D? They used some other crazy glasses for it.)

So where’s that leave us?

With this dastardly 3D table, just chortling at us.