Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wonderful Computer Furniture (1)

A B-52 ejection chair, a computer bed and a walking station: These and other far-out creations will make your work space look anything but average.

Looking for a computer desk and chair as hip and eye-catching as your new Alienware Area-51 or Macbook Air? These five wacky computer furniture pieces will put you in the pilot's seat -- literally -- or make you feel like an astronaut, a race-car driver or a marathon runner.
With prices ranging from $200 to $6,500, they're not cheap. But if you spend 40 hours a week in your work space, isn't it worth splurging for a cool setup?

1. Vision One Computer Workstation
Want a workstation as comfortable and ergonomically healthful as the cockpit of your car (or the car you wish you had)? Look no further than the Vision One line, which comes equipped with your choice of genuine car seats in various colors, finishes and configurations. The 12-way-powered Porsche leather bucket seat (pictured) is the most popular upgrade; Corvette and Viper seats are available as well. Prices start at $1,700.
The Flagship model shown ($2,600 and up) supports three flat-screen displays , brackets for a 5.1-speaker surround-sound system, padded and pivoting elbow supports, and an adjustable metal footrest. Together with the optional matching side rack, it supports multiple PCs and game consoles, as well as a plethora of peripherals -- all made to order in the United States in the finest hot-rod tradition. But where's the rear-view mirror?

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