Saturday, March 7, 2009

Wonderful Computer Furniture (5)

Ejection Seat Office Chair

The genius modders at Motoart made this $5,300 rolling chair from a genuine B-52 bomber ejection seat. It isn't exactly ergonomic, but we can think of more than a few programmers who could have used one at times. And it's the perfect gift for the Yahoo employee on your list.

This Vietnam-era carpet bomber (nicknamed BUFF) has upper and lower decks for the pilots and navigator/observer. So do you pick the downward-eject version, or the upward? Guess it depends on where your boss's office is.

BUFF chairs are custom-upholstered in the color you specify. And since the Defense Department doesn't sell old plane parts anymore, once these babies are gone, BUFFs will be history. Poke around the Motoart site for glimpses of other goodies, such as Rocket and Piston desk lamps -- the perfect companions for your bomber chair (not to mention the dream rec-room decor for watching a Houston vs. Detroit NBA final).

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