Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sleep at your ‘dog house’!

HibernateSleep at your ‘dog house’! Called Hibernate, by Aimee Pegram.
“Sometimes we all just want to get away and escape from what’s going on around us whether it’s a personal place or just hiding behind a wall. Hibernate offers you your own cocoon to do this in a comfortable environment, designer Aimee Pegram explains. Designed by Aimee Pegram.
“My process was casting rope and resin around a 5 ft inflatable balloon, weaving fluently to form the cocoon like nest. Then when the rope has set, simply burst the balloon to create the form
With inspiration from the Blue Peter Balloon string demonstration some of us may have watched as children, I wanted to expand on the unique process to create an environment that is aesthetically pleasing, unique and comfortable.
Once encased in this environment the person has a sense of escape whilst still seeing what is going on around them.

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